Gather ye around the yule log, so festive, warm, and bright! Listen to this song of Christmas cheer written and composed by an AI. And hold on to your loved ones as said tune sucks the soul from your very bones and leaves you quivering in the naked fear not that the morrow will not come, but that it will come and you will be forced to endure another day contemplating the futility and hopelessness of life!  “I’ve always been there for the rest of our lives. A hundred and a half hours ago. I’m glad to meet you. I can hear the music coming from the hall.” Now that, dear friends, is the Christmas stuff of nightmares, as HowStuffWorks put it. And yes, I am dying, both from laughter and abject fear. This “song,” such as it is, was the result of a neural network project from The University of Toronto. They fed in 100 hours of holiday music, a bunch of holiday photographs with captions, and said, “Now you do it.” The song below was the result. Put another way, score ones for the humans.

Check It Out: The First AI-Written Christmas Song Is More Soul-Crushing than Fruitcake

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  1. Scott B in DC

    I don’t know, geoduck… have you hear some of today’s music they call “hip-hop?” If that’s hip then I want to hop in a lake to get it to stop!

  2. geoduck

    I’m not sure you’re giving credit when credit is due.
    I defy you to find a human musician that could write a song like that.
    Bad grammer, no rhymes, bizarre “melody” if you can call it that. The vocals and the background melodies have nothing to do with each other. Weird chord changes. Creepy delivery. JS Bach on a bender couldn’t do that. The Stones or The Beatles in the depths of LSD Psychedelia couldn’t do this.

    It’s a masterpiece of badness. A magnum opus of awful.

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