iMac Pro First Look: It’s Crazy Powerful, but Not Upgradable

Apple just announced the iMac Pro will be available on December 14th, and MKBHD already has a first look video out for the new computer. After using the iMac Pro for a week he says it’s definitely a pro-level machine when it comes to power and performance, and it looks really cool, too. The big downside is that you can’t upgrade any internal components, just like Apple’s MacBook Pro lineup. Check out the MKBHD video to see more.

Check It Out: iMac Pro First Look: It’s Crazy Powerful, but Not Upgradable

9 thoughts on “iMac Pro First Look: It’s Crazy Powerful, but Not Upgradable

  • Lots of sturm und drang over a pretty kick ass machine. Our guy MKBHD here has been using his old pro for 4 years productively without changes. That speaks volumes.

    Also, if you want an upgradable machine, buy one. What’s the big deal? If you’re paying that much for a computer (Apple or otherwise) it’s usually a purpose built device. Not a screaming fast do it all box. Video editing, heavy simulation, MatLab whatever, this will do it well. And if it does it for 4 years, you’ve expensed it out and are ready to start amortizing a new box anyway.

    By the way, I love MKBHD videos, they are slick and professional, yet very approachable.

  • Another in your face machine by the almighty Apple. Don’t overlook the little things like Apple does not make nor do they certify a Type C cable or adapter to add an additional monitor. If you use a 3rd party device to do this you risk damage to your iMac, 2nd monitor and you void your warranty. This applies to the iMac and Pro iMac. The hope for a new Pro machine next year is the same hope I have for winning the lotto. The chances are also about the same.

  • We’d have to be insane to drop that kind of change on a static appliance, computers are not phones or watches that get replaced every 1-2 years. I could care less about the magical feat of design or engineering that made this piece of junk possible. I really hope they spare us the accompanying and requisite Ivesplaining video.

  • Hi John. It appears from a photo I got from Apples’s web page that RAM is in sockets and not soldered in. Yet WTF why is there no door to allow users to upgrade later. I don’t know about SSD. I would love a standard PCI/E M.2 SSD. I think that is too much to ask for from Apple

  • One thought, if the Ssd and ram are soldered in, this albatross edifice of s%*! Is basically Apple pretending to listen to creative professionals and, out of sheer spite, spitting in their face… if basic ram and Ssd are not upgradable, I will happily dance (a very scatological one at that) on its cube-like grave. F’ Apple. Unbelievable.

    1. I agree about not being upgradeable. I suspect though that Apple realized about a year ago that they’d totally screwed the pooch on the Mac side. The Pro lines especially were very sad with the disdain heaped on last years MacBook Pros by Professional customers being their wake up call. They knew that the Wastebasket Mac Pro was beyond redemption. A panicked meeting was held in Cupertino with one question on the agenda: How can we get something that will pass for a Pro machine out as fast as possible. The iMac chasses was good. A new MB inside and there you have it. An ostensibly “Pro” machine out in record time. The new Mac Pro next year is the real solution, but Apple’s hoping this will do for now.

  • Two thoughts:
    I really think this is a filler, a stopgap until the REAL pro Mac comes out next year.
    I also think that there will be a booming industry in iMac Pro upgrade shops.

    1. The last Pro Mac came with promises as this one does. The truth is Apple does not respect the Pro User Community and this is as good as it gets. There will not be a “Real” Pro Mac next year or any other year. OSX is dead and Apple has no desire to continue with desk top computing at any level. This is a money grab and the device is nothing more than an overpriced iMac. Welcome to reality…

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