Matt Birchler mocked up a great concept for iOS 11’s lock screen and we’re hoping Apple is taking notes. His ideas are plausible because he builds on what Apple already gave us in iOS 10 with enhancements like a current weather badge, grouped and organized notifications, “smart notifications” triggered by activity or location, and more. Matt also took the time to explain his ideas, and now we’re seriously wondering why there hasn’t ever been a weather complication on our iPhone screens. You can check out Matt’s iOS 11 lock screen concept at the Birchtree website.

Check It Out: Here’s an iOS 11 Lock Screen Concept We Can Get Behind

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  1. bdkennedy1

    Why the hell do people do this 6 months before the release? It’s like someone comes up with a great idea and Apple is magically going to implement it.

    The feature set has been locked down for a year. This great idea isn’t going to be in iOS 11.

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