German video editor Thomas Weinreich created a concept video that gets rid of the desktop metaphor on macOS. Replacing it is a user interface similar to what we get with the iPad. Windowed apps are replaced by full screen apps that can be displayed into multi-window Split Views. Like Ben Lovejoy said,  it seems like maybe it could be similar to what Apple is thinking of. However, I personally don’t believe the rumors of a macOS/iOS hybrid. Additionally, this concept paradigm doesn’t make sense on Macs that don’t have touchscreens. The macOS desktop metaphor might be aged, but I think it makes sense for devices that use a mouse or trackpad. What do you think?

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  1. VaggosAtWork

    macOS is intended for users with more multitasking needs compared to iOS capabilities. Setting all apps to full screen creates an unnecessary handicap, as not all apps need all your screen space of your 15″, 21″, 27″ etc monitor.
    It’s too hard to take into account how each and every user makes use of the screen space, in order to replace the desktop metaphor with something else that should be convenient (even if not pleasing) for everyone.

  2. John Kheit

    UG this is a nightmare not a concept for the mac. Agree, if this were the new ipad UI i’d be cheering.

  3. danielfgom

    I think this concept is better suited to the iPad than to Macintosh. There’s too much extra work to be done sliding and dragging and sizing stuff. Seems less efficient on a machine where you have a mouse/trackpad.

    But I’d have to try it out to be 100% sure. I swipe up with 3 fingers on my MacBook all the time, to find open windows so maybe it could work, but I’m not sure.

    I should imagine that the team at Apple has played with a lot of these concepts already.

  4. geoduck

    Oh God, always full screen apps? I saw that on Win 8. WORST IDEA EVER! Open a word document on a 27 inch screen and it’;s like getting slapped in the face with letters the size of ladybugs. Not all of us are working on a 12 inch MacBook. NO NO NO NO NO.

  5. jhorvatic

    I don’t like it. Imagine having a real desk but you cannot use that space at all. It’s just not a good idea at all.

  6. AdamBerkey

    Please don’t reinvent the Desktop GUI. OS X is the most efficient and effective experience there is.

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