Nahimic, long-time makers of enhanced audio for video games, on Sunday launched Nahimic for Mac. Built to enhance music and movies, Nahimic brings real-time processing of your Mac’s audio from any app. They demoed it with movies and music and the results were impressive. Their 3D Sound truly made a noticeable difference out of MacBook Pro speakers at CES Unveiled, a very noisy environment. Tests on our own back at the hotel confirmed what we heard earlier: this sounds fantastic, there’s no noticeable latency, and the app performs well. A free trial is available and one-year subscription will set you back just US$35.

Check It Out: Nahimic Brings Enhanced 3D Audio To Your Mac’s Movies and Music

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  1. jhorvatic

    This sounded great until the end where you need a subscription payment. Why should I pay over and over? Why not sell it outright like every other application?
    No longer interested until they sell the product outright the way it should be.

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