Writer and Podcaster Antony Johnston - TMO BGM Interview

Antony Johnston is a New York Times bestselling writer and podcaster. The Charlize Theron movie Atomic Blonde is based on his graphic novel; his Brigitte Sharp thrillers are critically acclaimed; and Dead Space, his first videogame, redefined its genre. He also hosts a writer’s podcast.

Antony told me about how he transformed his career as graphics artist into successful graphic novels and video game scripting. Later, on his Mac, he delved into novel writing (with Scrivener), most notably the Brigitte Sharp thrillers. Antony recounted how his graphic novel The Coldest City came to be made into a theatrical movie, Atomic Blonde. And to top it all off, Antony told me about his podcast “Writing and Breathing,” a show about “why, how, and what we write,” in which he chats with fellow authors of all kinds.

Nahimic Brings Enhanced 3D Audio To Your Mac’s Movies and Music

Nahimic, long-time makers of enhanced audio for video games, on Sunday launched Nahimic for Mac. Built to enhance music and movies, Nahimic brings real-time processing of your Mac’s audio from any app. They demoed it with movies and music and the results were impressive. Their 3D Sound truly made a noticeable difference out of MacBook Pro speakers at CES Unveiled, a very noisy environment. Tests on our own back at the hotel confirmed what we heard earlier: this sounds fantastic, there’s no noticeable latency, and the app performs well. A free trial is available and one-year subscription will set you back just US$35.

New App Mister Lister Lets You Make and Rate Lists

A cool new app called Mister Lister lets you make lists out of anything, and rate items. From restaurants to movies, if you can think of it, you can rate it. Need more detailed reviews than just an overall rating? Split up your ratings into weighted categories. Want a movie list but want to split by genre, tag your movies. Have some extra notes about that restaurant you ate at, write them down. This sounds like a cool app to me, sort of a personal Yelp. It sounds great for people with hobbies like keeping track of your favorite wine, beer, coffee, books, etc. You can then share your lists with friends to rate things together. App Store: Mister Lister: Free

iTunes Launches 'Build Your Collection' Movie Promo Under $8

Apple launched a new movie promo on iTunes called Build Your Collection. It features hundreds of movies, all under US$8 and many at $4.99. Bullitt, Battle Royale, The Goonies, Empire Records, Risky Business, Beetlejuice, The Matrix, and newer movies like Black Swan, The Revenant, plus many more. They’re broken down into categories, including: Drama, Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Comedy, Horror, and Romance. Unfortunately, the prices are only listed once you click through to an individual movie, but they’re all under $8 and I can’t wait to rewatch Bullitt.