iTunes Launches ‘Build Your Collection’ Movie Promo Under $8

iTunes Launches ‘Build Your Collection’ Movie Promo Under $8

Apple launched a new movie promo on iTunes called Build Your Collection. It features hundreds of movies, all under US$8 and many at $4.99. Bullitt, Battle Royale, The Goonies, Empire Records, Risky Business, Beetlejuice, The Matrix, and newer movies like Black Swan, The Revenant, plus many more. They’re broken down into categories, including: Drama, Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Comedy, Horror, and Romance. Unfortunately, the prices are only listed once you click through to an individual movie, but they’re all under $8 and I can’t wait to rewatch Bullitt.

Check It Out: iTunes Launches ‘Build Your Collection’ Movie Promo Under $8

3 thoughts on “iTunes Launches ‘Build Your Collection’ Movie Promo Under $8

  • I am fine upgrading my collection of 800 dvd’s by purchasing 4.99 for HD-autoupgraded to->4K. I have been rewatching every movie I get for 4.99 and sometimes more than once. It is really fun to see a clear sharp image that seems in my memory at least to be better than seeing those movies on the big screen. It is a nice memory romp and fun to show the movies i love to my kids now that they are able to get into them as well.

    I just wish Apple would come up with a buy everything on your wish list for 4.99.
    I would pull the trigger right away.

    Of course, I am keeping all my DVD’s backed up to .mkv’s in case the DVD itself goes wonky. And a DVD is actual media you own vs…. the license you get for iTunes stuff…. ;-P

  • Too expensive, should be $2 per movie for old crap. Too many alternatives to get these old gems for nothing or close to. Personally I don’t think you should have to pay for intellectual property more than once if you bought it in the past (music is different because of the layers of residuals and unlike Apple I am not making any money by selling other’s intellectual property) hence my nice free 1080p copies of Bullitt and Vanishing Point – another legendary Dodge epic (that is the only reason to watch Bullitt right? The black Charger which was faster than that Mustang Steve was stuck with!!!) 🚗

  • I thought Build Your Collection has been an offer repeated for quite some time & rather regularly through iTunes.

    Anyhow, I am also glad to pick up Bullitt.
    Get to show it to my kids tonight!

    Watched them trip out over Goonies last night. Great fun.
    Makes one realize how movies have changed and how sanatized they are now for kids.

    Not offered this time in Build Your Collection but ….
    Watched the Bad News Bears with them and was blown away by what was then a kids movie. Times have changed.

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