Here’s What You Need to Watch Before Seeing Thor: Ragnorok

Thor: Ragnarok

Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters on November 2nd, which means there isn’t much time to catch up on the Asgardian’s adventures before you head to the theater. The trick is knowing which Marvel movies you need to watch, so we The Mac Observer put together a list with just what you need to see, no extra fluff.

Thor: Ragnarok
Thor: Ragnarok is in theaters on November 2nd

Thor: Ragnarok finds the Thunder God captured and stranded without his hammer on a world where he’s forced to fight gladiator-style against the Hulk. He turns to the Hulk and other friends in an attempt to escape in time to stop the evil Hela from destroying Asgard.

Here’s what you need to watch—in order—to get the backstory leading up to Thor: Ragnarok:

Unfortunately, only Doctor Strange is available for streaming on Amazon Prime and Netflix. You can, however, rent all of the movies on Amazon or the iTunes Store and save at least a few dollars. Now your biggest challenge is finding the time to watch everything before you go watch Thor: Ragnorok.

4 thoughts on “Here’s What You Need to Watch Before Seeing Thor: Ragnorok

  • Jeff:

    @tedlandau aside (Hello Ted), I like your list, and concur. My son and I have been hatching plans for seeing this since late spring. (I know; I should grow up, but why?)

    My further plans for seeing Thor: Ragnarok this weekend include:

    1) Wait for iPhone X to arrive this Friday
    2) Activate iPhone X
    3) Make sure it’s in silent mode (my default)
    4) Make sure AW is in theatre mode
    5) Relish the joy of having thrown delayed gratification out of the airlock for one day and enjoy the movie and a new iPhone.

  • After reading your list, I came up with a much simpler, less time-consuming and cheaper solution: Don’t see Thor: Ragnorok. Then you don’t have to see any of the prior films. Just a thought.

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