Peter Dinklage From Game of Thrones Fears His iPhone

Peter Dinklage From Game of Thrones Fears His iPhone

What does the actor who plays a character who faces dragons, monsters, magic, and even his very own father fear in real life? If it’s Peter Dinklage—Tyrion Lannister on Game of Thrones, we’re talking about, it’s his iPhone 7. Mr. Dinklage gave an interview to CNET to promote Rememory, a SciFi film debuting this week at the Sundance Film Festival. In that interview, he said, “I just got an iPhone about six months ago, friends made fun of me. I’m afraid of it.” There’s a reason, though, and that’s concern over how tech is changing the way humans interact. To wit, when people approach him, the interaction has become solely about the selfie-with-Peter. He said, “We’re not even allowing a memory to sink in. They’ll have proof of meeting me, but […] there wasn’t anything to remember, because all you did was just take a picture.” It’s an interesting perspective on this particular concern.

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One thought on “Peter Dinklage From Game of Thrones Fears His iPhone

  • But… it’s a selfie with Tyrion Lannister!! 😀

    Meeting an actor in person is awesome, particularly someone who is actually nice as well as brilliant, but I have to say that part of the appeal is feeling like you’re in your favorite movie or TV show, meeting your favorite character!

    However, it is sad that so much of our interaction and experience seems to be mediated by – if not replaced by – smartphone photos, videos, and apps. I get that feeling whenever I’m at a concert and see everyone watching it on their phone screen (though sometimes you can zoom in which is nice when the stage appears to be miles away.)

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