Check out this ARKit demo for a menu app called Kabaq. The idea for the app is that a restaurant builds their menus to show customers what their food would look like on the plate in front of them. And wowza, does it look real! At least in this demo video. AppleInsider found it, along with another great ARKit video, and they noted the developers see cookbooks using their technology, too. Either way, it’s a much more practical application of augmented reality (AR) than the games that have dominated early exposure so far. This app is made possible by ARKit in iOS 11, which is expected to ship in September.

Check It Out: You Won’t Believe How Real This Food Looks in an ARKit Demo Video

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  1. aardman

    Looking at Baby Elsie in the vid, just occurred to me that an infant’s oral stage of interacting with everything via her mouth is probably evolution’s way of rapidly building antibodies against the local microbial community. (As well as quickly establishing one’s gut bacteria population.)

  2. Scott B in DC

    At the risk of sounding like a curmudgeon, it’s the case of dumbing down an already dumbed down industry. We are going backward in evolution. We started out drawing pictures on stone walls now we are drawing pictures in the ether. If social media was not making society stupid, this is going to set society back millennia!

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