The SplashData worst 100 passwords for 2017 list is out, and the top two are 123456 and password. The list shows just how predictable many passwords are and how difficult it is to convince people they need something more unique than letmein (number 7) or football (number 9). Admin is still a painfully popular password, and starwars is pretty popular, too. You can check out the full list at the SplashData website.

Check It Out: Avoid the Passwords on this List to Reduce the Risk of Getting Hacked

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  1. lavishsurprises

    I will stand in top 2 positions regarding password setting, the article gave me some basic tips for not being victim of hacking. Thank you, I am Surprise Planners in Hyderabad if you need help I will help you as token of gift in reverse to the basic tips.

  2. geoduck

    I found about three on that list I used to years a long, long, time ago. Don’t any more, but at one time they seemed good.

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