WsC Offers a Stylish Apple Watch Band for Any Occasion

One of the almost unsung greatest features of Apple Watch is the ability to quickly and easily change its look with a new watch band. There are lots of choices in that arena, some by Apple and plenty from other manufacturers. I recently found out about London-based WsC, The Watch Strap Co, and gave several of their exclusive bands a try.

For the Touch of Leather On Your Wrist

The first one I tried was the WsC Prowler, a leather strap available in multiple color options. I picked blue, which matches my Apple Watch Series 7 almost perfectly. This band is crafted from crocodile-embossed Italian leather, lined with soft Nubuck so it feels like a dream against your skin.

This leather watch band looks like a standard buckle, but it actually uses WsC’s signature deployment clasp. Setting it up to perfectly fit my wrist couldn’t have been easier, even with the grip and mobility issues I have with my hands. I really enjoy this type of clasp, simply because I can set it once and then quickly put my watch on or take it off with the click of a button.

WsC Prowler Apple Watch Band
The WsC Prowler leather watch band, viewed from the side (L) and a view of the deployment clasp

WsC offers an extraordinary upgrade for this band, for those so inclined. For a nominal additional fee, you can add an ethically-sourced diamond to the clasp. Each diamond offers VVS+ clarity and is clear, with a round brilliant Excellent Cut.

I didn’t choose the diamond addition for this strap, opting to include it on another band instead. The Prowler is currently priced at $88.50, or $177 with the Diamond Edition upgrade.

The Prowler’s stitching is unwaxed Gütermann thread, and the buckle/clasp is made from 316L stainless steel. It’s available in six different color options for every model and size of the Apple Watch, even going back to the Series 1.

Don’t Be Mad, This Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band Is Only Called the Fury

Next, I tried the stainless steel Fury band. This watch band, crafted from 316L stainless steel, is available in four colors, including a blend of silver and rose gold. I opted for the black version, simply because I wouldn’t have cared for the contrast between the lighter hues and my blue Apple Watch.

WsC Fury Stainless Steel Apple Watch Band
Views of the WsC Fury stainless steel band, highlighting the hidden butterfly clasp and diamond insert

For the Fury, WsC developed a hidden butterfly clasp. The stainless steel links making up the band are staggered, and held in place by pins. The company included a tool to remove and reinsert the pins, which makes it almost trivial to fit the band to your wrist.

Once again, WsC makes the Fury for all versions and sizes of Apple Watch. This one also offers the Diamond Edition upgrade, which I took advantage of. The diamond’s placement is elegantly and discreetly situated on the hidden clasp.

Obviously, this makes the band a bit more luxurious (and pricey), but not overly so. The Fury currently retails for $97.50 without the diamond, or an even $171 with it.

Care for More Choices? WsC Has ‘Em

These aren’t the only two watch bands WsC offers. There are other leather straps to choose from, as well as woven nylon and silicone bands. If a stainless steel mesh loop is your preference, that’s an option, too.

As with the Prowler and Fury, WsC’s other watch bands are available in a wide variety of colors, and for every size and model of the Apple Watch. If you’re looking to stylize your Apple Watch more, this is an excellent place to find new selections.

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