How Apple News Affects Publishers

Great analysis as usual by Ben Thompson. He writes how the Apple News subscription might be good for certain publishers, and bad for others.

To that end, I am sure that a significant number of publications will sign up for Appleā€™s offering; clearly the company is confident enough to leak a date. And, frankly, many publications should: most publishers are already locked into the volume game when it comes to their editorial direction, and Apple News subscription payouts will be additive to the bottom line.

The main thing that concerns me is how revenue will be driven by clicks. I hope that Apple News doesn’t become a flood of yellow journalism.

Check It Out: How Apple News Affects Publishers

2 thoughts on “How Apple News Affects Publishers

  • All news is going the yellow journalism route these days. If Apple truly has people manually curating my news selections, I am NOT happy. They have an opportunity to reduce the number of “opinion” pieces and sensationalist headlines by simply not selecting it as something to pass along. I wish I could have a control panel in Apple News that gave me a ratio of News Reporting to Opinion/Editorial. This in my “opinion” is one of the biggest causes for the widening gaps in society opinion. It used to be that you would read the NEWS and make your own mind up. Newspapers were and for the most part still are 95% news and 5% Opinion, now online and TV news is reversed.

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