Hot takes abound in the wake of a report from DigiDay about how publishers are frustrated with Apple News. One of the cited issues is a lack of user targeting, which is great for users. One problem I see with Apple News is that the rumored News subscription might reward clickbait. But privacy is a big reason why I use Apple News. I can put up with ads, but the less time I spend on publishers’ websites infested with trackers, popups and autoplaying videos, the better. I have my favorite sites I subscribe to, but I do it through Apple News so the companies can’t sell my credit card information.

And while publishers remain frustrated with Apple News as a source of revenue, some said they appreciate where Apple is coming from. “I respect Apple and that they believe in privacy,” one source said. “It just makes it incredibly challenging to sell there.”

Check It Out: Apple News Has Problems But Privacy Isn’t One of Them

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  1. aardman

    If publishers are complaining about Apple News because of its privacy standards, I will start using Apple News exclusively.

    • archimedes

      Absolutely! Anything to help get us out of this awful, privacy-violating adtech swamp that we’ve allowed to infest so much of online media.

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