‘Best days’ For Both Mac and iPad Still to Come, says Analyst

The “best days” for both the Mac and iPad may still be ahead. That’s according to a new analysis from Loup Ventures, seen by AppleInsider.

Loup Ventures cofounder and analyst Gene Munster recently analyzed Mac and iPad lead times, or the expected shipment date after an order is placed. Spot checks of estimated order delivery suggest that Apple was correct in its guidance that demand would be supply gated, and not demand-gated. Although the extended lead times are attributable to ongoing chip supply constraints, Munster sees them as a positive indicator of iPad and Mac demand. The analyst believes that both lineups are continuing to see tailwinds from a work-from-home and remote education environment, despite the lifting of stay-at-home orders and other restrictions in many regions.

Check It Out: ‘Best days’ For Both Mac and iPad Still to Come, says Analyst

One thought on “‘Best days’ For Both Mac and iPad Still to Come, says Analyst

  • Charlotte:

    Loop Ventures buries the lede.

    As noted in the story, both the Mac and the iPad are experiencing supply-gated demand, whereas demand for the iPhone is at equilibrium.

    In other words, despite the iPad often being described as an iOS device, the user community is treating it like a computer (which it is), and for both of Apple’s new computer offerings, the Mac and the iPad, demand has outstripped supply as the community continue to outfit for remote working. The iPhone is on an entirely separate demand trajectory.

    We are witnessing a transition.

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