The hashtag #BoycottApple is trending on Twitter after Apple removed the HKMap and Quartz apps from the App Store at the behest of China.

Just after Apple removed the apps, #BoycottApple has been trending on all the social media platforms with users voicing their discontent with Apple’s move. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Apple has been under fire for pulling something like this. Back in 2017, the company pulled The New York Times app from the App Store stating that the Chinese government had requested the app’s removal because it was “in violation of local regulations.”

Phil Schiller: “Courage.”

Check It Out: #BoycottApple Trends on Twitter After Company’s Recent Moves

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  1. archimedes

    Apple hates negative publicity and works very hard to cultivate a positive public image, for example saying that “privacy is a human right,” etc., and tends to follow this up with action consistent with its publicly stated values. This sort of backlash may help Apple to decide what to do in the future.

    The fact that Tim Cook had to send a memo to employees indicates that he may be facing pressure from within the company as well, which could be a good thing.

  2. archimedes

    The downside of building nearly every iPhone in mainland China is that Apple has little choice but to comply with oppressive Chinese laws or risk heavy penalties.

    As Lee noted, the only real solution is for Apple to move its manufacturing to other countries and to find alternate suppliers for many parts used in its products. Given Apple’s deep pockets, they may have a good chance of actually being able to do so, but it will probably take a long time and may come with a hefty price.

  3. Lee Dronick

    Exactly! Apple had no choice but to pull the app. I am sure that Apple is working on a plan to get out of China.

  4. geoduck

    You dance with the devil, he plays the tune.
    I don’t fault Apple for pulling the app and I will not be boycotting Apple. For the moment they need to do business in the PRC and have to play by their rules. Every country has rules about what can and cannot be sold inside their borders. Apple has to follow them.

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