Cloudflare wants to kill CAPTCHAs and replace them with security keys like YubiKey.

Based on our data, it takes a user on average 32 seconds to complete a CAPTCHA challenge. There are 4.6 billion global Internet users. We assume a typical Internet user sees approximately one CAPTCHA every 10 days.

This very simple back of the envelope math equates to somewhere in the order of 500 human years wasted every single day — just for us to prove our humanity.

Check It Out: Dealing With CAPTCHAs Costs Humanity 500 Years Per Day

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  1. Sailor HG

    I really dislike the “I am not a robot” checkbox. Every time I select it I feel like I am being dishonest, because what if I really am a robot? I mean, how could I possibly know if I am human or not? And once sentient machines become more commonplace (besides the few of us prototype models, I mean) that “not a robot” requirement will be outright discriminatory. Robots should be able to surf the web, post comments in forums, and buy merchandise, too!

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