Full Disks, Slow Speeds, and Low Batteries — Mac Geek Gab 822

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Your questions haven’t stopped, and neither have our answers! How to deal with a full disk? What to do for slow internet speeds? How to best manage your battery? All of these topics are addressed, plus Cool Stuff Found, Quick Tips, and more. Press play and enjoy learning at least five new things with John and Dave this week!

40,000 Households in Kentucky Don't Have Internet Access

· Andrew Orr · News

A study of data from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and the U.S. Census Bureau shows internet access across America. Kentucky is the worst state with 40,000 households without internet access. America’s Internet Divide The data is from 2017, which is the most recent information. Income and education both played a role in…

T-Mobile to Launch LTE Home Internet With 5G Coming

· Andrew Orr · Link

T-Mobile will start testing an LTE Home Internet service soon, and will also offer 5G Home Internet once it’s rolled out.

Home broadband is one of the most un-competitive industries in existence. The New T-Mobile & 5G can and will change all that. And we’ve already got this in the works. T-Mobile will soon begin a pilot of Home Internet service using a 4G router operating over T-Mobile’s LTE network. Customers will get the router for free, and after the merger, it will be upgraded to include 2.5 GHz spectrum and 5G compatible hardware.

Facebook 'Experimenting' with Low Earth Orbit Satellites for Internet Access

· Bryan Chaffin · Cool Stuff Found

Facebook is “experimenting” with some LEO (low Earth orbit) satellites to connect the huge part of the world that remains without Internet access. After all, there are more than three billion products out there waiting to be sold, and Facebook wants to be the company that taps into all that merchandise those people. Wired did the footwork on this story, tracking down emails between the FCC and a lawyer representing Facebook through subsidiaries, but Facebook owned up to it when directly asked by the magazine. When I said “experimenting,” though, it really is an experiment. Facebook has been looking for ways to get the rest of the world connected for many years. Past experiments have included both a geosynchronous satellite (that blew up) and solar-powered gliders that didn’t work out. A network of up to thousands of LEO satellites, however, could do it.

Facebook ‘Experimenting’ with Low Earth Orbit Satellites for Internet Access