Cathartic Complaints in Advance of the New Mac Pro

Let’s just get them out of our system now.  FCPX writes:

I thought I’d get ahead of the predictable 2019 Mac Pro complainers before its [probable] announcement at WWDC on Monday.

Feel free to add your own in the comments here.

Check It Out: Cathartic Complaints in Advance of the New Mac Pro

9 thoughts on “Cathartic Complaints in Advance of the New Mac Pro

  • Too expensive! No modular model for the price of an iMac! $1000 for a piece of metal – why isn’t it gold plated?! Proprietary GPU interface! 10 gig ethernet is too slow! FPGAs are stupid – I want Google’s Tensorflow! Apple should unbundle macOS so that you can run it on dirt-cheap PCs! And buy me a pony! Looks like a cheese grater! I don’t like cheese! Steve Jobs would have done better!

    Let’s see, am I missing any? 🙂

  • Apple should release more headless Macs, including low, middle and high products, from Mac mini to Mac Pro, and also a new mini tower. CPU may last seven years (then you cannot install new macOS releases but displays last more than 20 years. Fight programmed obsolescence, protect the environment and fight climate change and global warming.

  • My gut tells me number ten will be crossed off the list in the near future : ) Whatever is announced (or not), the future of the Mac desktop hangs in the balance.

  • joking aside, you know nobody will be happy with whatever Apple announces
    personally, i’m hoping for internally modular, because those stackable designs are unworkable
    if you hear the words egpu, we can all go home

    1. I’m (truly) curious why EGPU is a bad thing for a desktop Mac? It seems to me this is a great option. The computer isn’t going anywhere, why not allow an EGPU for those folks who need/want one?

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