The ‘Cult’ of Apple, Ranking No. 6 on an Evil List

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Writing for Slate, Cory Doctorow criticizes Apple, calling its customers a cult and Apple a monopoly. I don’t plan to pick apart his article and defend Apple, but I do particularly disagree with this quote:

When it comes to Apple, even if you’re paying for the product, you’re still the product: sold to app programmers as a captive market, or gouged on parts and service by official Apple depots.

I guess consumers can’t do anything right. Not only are we a cult, but we don’t even have the power of the free market, instead we’re “sold” to developers.

Check It Out: The ‘Cult’ of Apple, Ranking No. 6 on an Evil List

The ‘Cult’ of Apple, Ranking No. 6 on an Evil List

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  1. archimedes

    WelI I give him this: he is consistently against walled gardens and DRM.

    But just because you don’t want to buy a PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, TiVo, ChromeCast, Kindle, smart TV or whatever doesn’t mean that nobody else should be able to buy one.

    • archimedes

      On the other hand, I’m probably with him on section 1201. I think jailbreaking should be legal for any device you own.

  2. John Kheit

    By the way, if slate were any more a commie slanted pile of dung it would adopt a red toilet as it’s mascot. Slate has been cancelled as legitimate long ago. Water seeks it’s own level with Cory and Slate

  3. Andrew Shalat

    This Doctorow unit must be assimilated. Once inside the collective unit Doctorow will understand that this is not a cult.

  4. John Kheit

    Cory is a failure in so many ways, this communist manifesto about apple being a monopoly (despite having minority share of smart phones and computers) is just his loser-in-life railing against the merit and success that he has never himself had.

    Apple isn’t perfect, so we should hold it’s feet to the fire. But we should also applaud it’s many virtues too.

    Cory, is just a loser hit whore that wants tweet-back-pats for being extra woke, when in fact, he’s just an extra grade-A loser.

    • wab95


      It’s difficult to get beyond the smell of bile at the opening of this diatribe, and my life is too short to spend swallowing swill, especially when there is so much nutritious food for thought to be had. I pass.

      The author is just pissed off that Apple haven’t died yet, so now he’s trying to see if he can hate the company to death and out of existence. In psychiatry, that’s called magical thinking.

      My brother in law is a shrink. I can make a referral, but only if the gentleman wishes.

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