Researcher Jane Manchun Wong found that Facebook is working on facial scans called “facial recognition-based identity verification.” It would ask users to upload a selfie of them looking in different directions before they can access their account.

On that same screen and later in the actual video selfie process, Facebook notes that “no one else will see” the video selfie you submit to them and says the video will be “deleted 30 days after your identity is confirmed.”

Deleted after 30 days. Based on Facebook’s past actions we can safely assume it will do the exact opposite. There’s not much room for giving them the benefit of the doubt.

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  1. W. Abdullah Brooks, MD


    I once argued that FB and their CEO had the moral fibre of slime mold.

    Then, I got sued for libel.

    By slime mold.

    • geoduck

      They might have sued but I cannot imagine they won.
      The truth is an absolute defence against charges of libel.

      • W. Abdullah Brooks, MD

        Indeed, geoduck, you’re right.

        Slime mold lost their case. Their legal representation was virtually spineless.

  2. geoduck

    If they were to do this I would simply close my Facebook and Instagram accounts. Im barely on FB anyway, but I would miss Instagram. Some behaviours though, are just not acceptable, especially when they are from a serial offender like Facebook.

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