Lindsey Graham’s Draft Bill Punishes Companies Using End-to-End Encryption

Senator Lindsey Graham is drafting a bill [PDF] that could penalize companies using end-to-end encryption.

Although the measure doesn’t directly mention encryption, it would require that companies work with law enforcement to identify, remove, report and preserve evidence related to child exploitation — which critics said would be impossible to do for services such as WhatsApp that are encrypted from end-to-end.

If technology companies don’t certify that they are following the best practices set by the 15-member commission, they would lose the legal immunity they currently enjoy under Section 230 relating to child exploitation and abuse laws. That would open the door to lawsuits for “reckless” violations of those laws, a lower standard than contained in current statutes.

Of all the dumb things this administration has done, attacking encryption is a doozy. It’s not clear how much this would impact Apple, since the company does in fact scan for child abuse images. But iMessage and a few other services are end-to-end encrypted.

Check It Out: Lindsey Graham’s Draft Bill Punishes Companies Using End-to-End Encryption

6 thoughts on “Lindsey Graham’s Draft Bill Punishes Companies Using End-to-End Encryption

  • Sooooo right Lee and Paul. The Republican party has turned all these representatives of the people into ONLY representatives of the worst and most dangerous President we’ve had in 50 years. Please don’t get me started on all the harm “little Donny Dickhead” has done to our great country (and people).

  • From the Republican Party that professes to stand for reduced government intervention.

    That party of Trump yes men have reached all time heights of evil. They’re undoing environmental and wildlife protections that have been in place for 50 years by populating the EPA with yes men. They’ve undone free and open internet protections by populating the FCC with their yes men. This a-hole fits right in.

  • If you’re going to pretend this is a news story instead of opinion, maybe do some actual studying of how the government works. Lindsey Graham is a US Senator, so he’s a member of the Legislative Branch of our government, he is not a member of ‘this administration.’ I think your choice of the photo says more about your views than that of the information you’re trying to convey.

      1. In my observation Senator Graham is very much in the pocket of the pocket of the ”Administration” and the photograph used was very flattering of him.

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