Mariah Carey Earns AAFCA Innovator Award

Mariah Carey Magical Christmas on Apple TV+

The African American Film Critics Association has chosen to present Mariah Carey with a special achievement award. CEO and President Gil Robertson told Variety why, and the reasons include offering the kind of positivity projected in her Apple TV+ Christmas special.

Though the multitalented superstar had a big year with the release of her memoir “The Meaning of Mariah Carey” and her “Magical Christmas Special” on Apple TV Plus, Robertson says it was the songstress’ mix of positivity and longevity that led to the the special recognition. “Given a career of her magnitude, we really could have done it anytime. At this point, she’s more than earned the right to be recognized at some point,” he explains. “When members spoke about the impact of her videos and how much they meant to them, we thought ‘Let’s recognize her because she’s always projected a lot of positive energy, which we definitely need now during the pandemic and coming out of the last four years.’” “She’s also presented opportunities behind the camera for a lot of Black technicians and creatives; it’s all about being able to open the door for others and she’s certainly done that and provided job opportunities to Black crews and other Black creators,” he says.

Check It Out: Mariah Carey Earns AAFCA Innovator Award

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