Privacy is a Luxury Item? Think Again

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Google CEO Sundar Pichai says privacy shouldn’t be a luxury item.  Responding at Computerworld, Jonny Evans writes:

The crux of Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s argument against firms such as (obviously including but never named) Apple is that his company offers convenience in exchange for personal secrets, makes its services available for free, and has a “profound commitment” to protecting user privacy.

Author Evans lays bare the reality of how Google operates and the shallowness of Pichai’s whines.

Check It Out: Privacy is a Luxury Item? Think Again

One thought on “Privacy is a Luxury Item? Think Again

  • Apple uses the word “Privacy” as a marketing tool for idiots that think Apple is any safer than any other co. that must use data bases. It’s also another ploy to try to excuse the greed purveyed in their inflated prices. iCloud was hacked and Apple of course lied about the data stolen; an Aussie kid hacked 90 gigs worth of Apple accounts passwords etc.
    Apple gaslights Privacy like Trump gaslights all of us. If a person cared that much about privacy he’d never use a bank or credit card; any AI, any cell phone, and live off the grid, otherwise forget about it – your life is out there if you surf the web, period whether on a Mac or PeeCee. iOS or Android. After 9/11 the stupid powers that be made privacy a joke anyway, not that the Constitution ever provided for a right to privacy anyway.
    You can’t have it both ways – if you want to have the interactive robots and AI of the future you will have to give up even more “privacy” and guess what? Just like today – nobody really cares about this “privacy” hyperbole.

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