Over 250 are signing a petition calling on the United Nations and World Health Organization to create stronger guidelines over devices like AirPods and possible links to cancer.

Some experts believe that AirPods may be especially dangerous since the devices sit deep inside the ear canal where they emit radiation to fragile parts of the ear. The scientists also noted other possible health hazards, including an increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, and neurological disorders.

Further reading: PSA: Wi-Fi Doesn’t Cause Cancer, Some Guidelines on how to Spot Bad Science.

Check It Out: Scientists Say AirPods May be Linked to Cancer

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  1. jhorvatic

    Fake news. AirPods haven’t been out that long to even be able to do a reasonable study like this. There is no technology in AirPods that is not in any other wireless device so all wireless earbuds would then be included if this was real. I feel it is fake news. Some company wants to sell there Earbuds instead of having you buy AirPods.

    • Andi De Voil


      By the logic of this or the apple catch giving you cancer then ilving in NYC is a literal cancer causing bucket.

  2. W. Abdullah Brooks, MD


    I attempted to add a comment on this thread the other day, but for some reason it didn’t post. Will attempt to re-post it again.

  3. Paul Goodwin

    “FDA, American Cancer Society, & World Health Organization – After extensive research, there is no evidence to show that cell phones or Bluetooth headsets cause cancer & there is no cause for concern.”

    Not sure who these “scientists” are

    • Paul Goodwin

      And the people on these websites making these claims are just feeding on the fears of the uninformed to make a buck.

      The so-called scientists have zero data that these milliwatt levels of microwave energy do anything harmful to the human body.

      Crackpots posing as scientists are all over the internet.

  4. paikinho

    I am not certain why they would sign a petition about a particular product and say it may be linked to cancer with zero actual study about said device that would indicate it to be so.

    Sounds like the antithesis of good scientific practice.

    • Lee Dronick

      “Sounds like the antithesis of good scientific practice.”

      But is good click bait and data mining.

    • geoduck

      As I posted on your earlier article No, they don’t and no you aren’t.
      there is NO evidence connecting RF radiation, like from cell phones, WiFi, and all sorts of other things to cancer or even the genetic changes that might lead to cancer. The studies have been done. the subject has been researched. The answer is NO.
      But if you’re worried about it here’s a suggestion. Don’t live in a house, the wiring in the walls produces far more RF. Don’t drive a car, the computers, and wiring, and ignition system produce far more RF. Don’t go out in the sun, it produces far more RF. Actually on that last one the sun does cause cancer, but only the UV and higher radiation. not the RF, not the Infrared, not the visible. They all are far too low power to produce the changes that would cause cancer.

      I am a cancer surviver. I am very aware what might cause cancer and work very hard to make sure I don’t get it again. I have no worries about RF.

      • John Kheit

        Youre just wrong. You dont understand physics. Im happy you survived cancer. I know radiation oncologists. This is a math problem. More exposure increases your chances.

        Again, if you disagree, get up real close to a cell tower. It’s just the harmless microwaves used by your cell phone and wifi. Sit down next to it for a few hours. See what happens. People literally wear protective suits.

        This is a math problem. Proximity of exposure, intensity of exposure, duration of exposure. The more you increase those, the more damage that occurs to cells. You’re just completely wrong and your understanding of physics is deficient.

        That said, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion. Carry on. Bless your heart.

  5. par7667

    clearly the unnamed “experts” have never worn or probably inspected AirPods. The may have something of a point since people seem to wear these things continuously but they are external to the ear canal at all times, however, it is LOST when they have no concept of the product they are talking about.

  6. Lee Dronick

    ” the devices sit deep inside the ear canal”

    If they think that the vestibule is deep then the ear drum must be in the Moho Layer

    • geoduck

      Worse yet they think that something happening in the ear canal might cause ‘functional changes to the reproductive system’.

      • palmac

        Makes you wonder what they’re listening to if puts such a damper on their, umm, enthusiam.

      • Lee Dronick

        Palmac, it probably isn’t something by Barry White 😀

      • Tricia


        I am dealing with cancer,….in remission now, but I wanted your opinion on the applewatch with cellular. Should I be concerned about wearing that with the emf’s being that it would be on my arm constantly? Does turning on Airplane mode help? I don’t want to take a chance to have something on me all the time that could effect me since I have gone through treatment this year. What is your opinion on this?

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