Spotify Finally Testing Live Lyrics Feature in U.S.

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Spotify is finally rolling out its Live Lyrics feature to some users in the U.S, Engadget reported. Equivalent features are widely available on rivals Apple Music and Deezer.

It’s worth noting that Spotify’s “new” approach to lyrics — which is once again powered by Musixmatch — isn’t really all that new. The company has been testing the feature in markets around the world for years, and officially launched it in 26 markets — including Brazil, Mexico, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Thailand, India and more — around the middle of 2020. More recently, live lyrics were also made available to users in South Korea when the service launched there earlier this month. At the risk of sounding a little obvious, though, not every test market ultimately gets access to the feature at wide scale. Spotify, for instance, ran a similar test in Canada before discontinuing it around June 2020; to our knowledge, the feature has never reappeared. This move puts Spotify on more even footing with competing services like Apple Music and Deezer, and should help the company from losing competitors to more feature-rich rivals.

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