Spotify Encourages Journalists to Plug in Random USB Drives

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As part of a promotion for a podcast, Spotify sent USB drives to journalists. But the move was criticized by computer security researchers.

But anyone with basic security training under their hat — which here at TechCrunch we do — will know to never plug in a USB drive without taking some precautions first.

Plugging in random USB drives is a bigger problem than you might think. Elie Bursztein, a Google security researcher, found in his own research that about half of all people will plug into their computer random USB drives.

I doubt anyone at Spotify was clueless about the security risk. But negative publicity is still publicity.

Check It Out: Spotify Encourages Journalists to Plug in Random USB Drives

3 thoughts on “Spotify Encourages Journalists to Plug in Random USB Drives

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  • Random USB could be not safe but you can get one by yourself. Although Spotify sends a USB to journalists, they still couldn’t directly transfer Spotify music to a USB drive for playback in the car.
    To do that, a professional AudKit Spotify Music Converter is needed. Therefore, I don’t know what the meaning is of this promotion activity?

  • Random USB drives could be unsafe. But to keep Spoitfy songs into USB should be safe. I have used DRmare Spotify music downloader to download music from Spotify and backup to USB all the time.

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