Security researcher Patrick Wardle disclosed two Zoom bugs today. They can be used to steal Windows passwords and access your webcam and microphone. They do however require physical access to the machine.

In this blog post, we’ll start by briefly looking at recent security and privacy flaws that affected Zoom. Following this, we’ll transition into discussing several new security issues that affect the latest version of Zoom’s macOS client.

At this point, Zoom should just rewrite its software completely.

Check It Out: New Zoom Bug Can Be Used to Steal Passwords, Access Your Webcam, Microphone

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  1. Macsee

    Zoom is the best videoconferencing application, hands down. But they must fix all security issues, of course. And I am sure that they will.

  2. Lee Dronick

    “At this point, Zoom should just rewrite its software completely”

    My high school class reunion was going to have a Zoom get together. That may change to a different service.

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