Apple Previews Emojis for 2019 World Emoji Day

Apple is previewing some emojis for 2019 World Emoji Day, with new additions coming in the future in categories like food, animals, and activities.

2019 World Emoji Day

The biggest update comes to the Holding Hands emoji. This represents two people holding hands as a couple. Apple users will be able to customize it to include any combination of gender and skin tone with over 75 different combinations possible.

2019 world emoji day
New combinations for Holding Hands emoji

New accessibility-themed emojis will include a new guide dog, an ear with a hearing aid, wheelchairs, a prosthetic arm, and a prosthetic leg. Other updates will include a new smiley face for yawning, a one-piece swimsuit, new food items including a waffle, falafel, butter and garlic, and new animals like the sloth, flamingo, orangutan and skunk.

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3 thoughts on “Apple Previews Emojis for 2019 World Emoji Day

  • Ah, emojis.. With every new update a flood of emojis is coming. You Apple, you Tim Apple, please be so kind and provide two kinds of iOS/macOS. One for teens and a second one for serious people, like you and me, minimally based on age.

    Hey, what about NSFW or Porn emojis? You can increase the sales across the same aged consumers…!

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