Apple Updates Human Interface Guidelines With New Resources

Apple has added new design resources in its Human Interface Guidelines collection. They include files like Apple Pay templates, Apple Health icon, and more.

New Design Resources

Here’s a full list of the new resources:

  • Sign In with Apple resources added, including:
    • New logo (PDF, PNG, and SVG)
    • Centered buttons (Sketch, Photoshop, and XD)
    • Left-aligned and logo-only buttons (Sketch, Photoshop, and XD)
  • Apple Health icon download added
  • Apple Pay templates for iPhone and iPad added (Sketch and Photoshop)
  • iMessage App and Sticker Pack templates for iPhone and iPad added (Sketch)
  • Business Chat design templates added (Sketch)
  • iPad portrait keyboard added (Sketch and Photoshop)
  • Fixed issue where iPhone XS bezel was 1 pixel larger than display (Sketch)
  • Changed contextual menu radius from 20 points to 12 points
  • Various bug fixes

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