3 Great iPhone Apps for Learning about Juno and Jupiter

Juno and iPhone apps

NASA’s Juno probe spent five years traveling to Jupiter, and on July 4th it safely arrived and slid into orbit. That means we’ll have loads of new information about the gas giant soon, and thanks to our iPhones and iPads, we can stay on top of the latest discoveries. The Mac Observer put together a few apps for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch so you can find out more about the mission, get the latest Juno news, and learn about Jupiter and the Juno probe, too.

Juno and iPhone apps
3 iOS apps for learning about Juno and Jupiter


NASA’s self-named app brings you the latest mission information, NASA TV streaming video, thousands of photos, and more. If you’re looking for space faring technology a little closer to home, you can see when the International Space Station will be visible wherever you are, too. The NASA app is free and available for the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

Solar Walk

You don’t need a space ship to explore our solar system with Solar Walk. This app lets you zip from planet to planet to learn more about Earth and its closest neighbors. It includes loads of data about each planet, including Jupiter, beautiful imagery, movies, a 3D mode, and more. Solar Walk is priced at US$2.99 and offers in-app purchases for additional content such as higher resolution graphics.

Spacecraft 3D

You can check out Juno, as well as several other spacecraft in 3D as if they were in your home thanks to Spacecraft 3D. The app uses augmented reality to let you learn more about the spacecraft exploring our solar system, so it’s almost like they’re really in front of you. Along with Juno, Spacecraft 3D includes Curiosity, Cassini, MAVEN, and more. Spacecraft 3D is a free download.

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