32-bit iPhone and iPad Apps Are on Death Row

ioS 10 32-bit app warning dialog

Apple’s look-forward philosophy means 64-bit iPhone and iPad apps are the future and 32-bit apps are fading into the past. That means the day is coming where 32-bit apps that haven’t been updated to 64-bit will stop working, and if you don’t have a replacement app ready to go you’ll be out of luck.

ioS 10 32-bit app warning dialog
iOS 10 warns that 32-bit apps won’t run on future system versions

You can tell which apps are facing an untimely demise thanks to the ominous looking dialog warning that they need to be updated. The dialog puts the writing on the wall for 32-bit apps by saying, “This app will not work with future versions of iOS.”

Apple isn’t saying when 32-bit apps will stop working, but we know the day is coming. It could be this fall when iOS 11 rolls out, or maybe later. Regardless, every 32-bit app you’re using has been put on notice.

We’re curious which apps you use and love that haven’t been updated yet. Dave Hamilton tells me his app is Flight Tracker Pro. I was surprised to find the apps I’m using all seem to be 64-bit already. In fact, I had to install Super Monkey Ball just to have an app that gives me the warning.

Let us know about the iPhone and iPad apps you love that haven’t been updated to 64-bit. You can tell us in the article comments, on Twitter, or on Facebook.

3 thoughts on “32-bit iPhone and iPad Apps Are on Death Row

  • Whirly Word is a fun word scramble app that I have been playing for years.
    I am upto around 1300 puzzles solved.
    It hasn’t been updated in years, but runs perfectly fine in ios10
    It would be a shame if I can’t update to ios11 just because I want to keep playing Whirly Word.


  • Apple gave me time to upgrade my psychology app “iAwoke” but since it wasn’t selling….
    However, assaults on Western targets such as in Paris, Orlando, Istanbul (and now Quebec City) prompted me to create an iPhone App entitled “Danger Drill” that is designed to help people survive mass casualty attacks. In the least, remember to look for EXIT signs or other avenues of escape when in crowds. Hesitation is your worst enemy!

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