3D Touch Multitasking Currently Missing From iOS 11 Betas

iphone app switcher

Users of the iOS 11 Beta are reporting that Apple has removed, at least temporarily, a handy and popular feature: 3D Touch Multitasking. In iOS 10, users with 3D Touch-capable devices (the iPhone 6s and iPhone 7) could force-hold on the left edge of the iPhone’s screen to activate the iOS App Switcher interface (the same interface that all other iPhone models can access by double-clicking the home button).

iphone app switcher

In the iOS 11 betas, however, this feature is absent. Traditional app switching via the Home Button is still available, but there’s no response when force-tapping or holding on the edge of the screen.

Some developers speculate that the removal of the feature is related to an as-yet undisclosed change to fast app switching, perhaps inspired by the rumored curved edge design of the upcoming “iPhone 8,” that will be revealed before the final build of iOS 11 hits the public later this year. Others suggest that the feature as implemented in iOS 9 and 10 was too confusing for users, as it was easy to accidentally activate for users inexperienced with 3D Touch. Still others point out that this is still a beta after all, and that the feature as previously implement could easily be reintroduced in a future build of iOS 11.

Apple hasn’t publicly explained or commented on the absence of 3D Touch multitasking in iOS 11, and isn’t expected to, so fans of the feature will need to keep their eyes out for changes in future betas. Until then, you can rest easy that you’re not going crazy if you can no longer get 3D Touch multitasking to work in the iOS 11 beta.

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