Survey Reveals 87% of Teens in the United States Own an iPhone

2021 piper sandler teen survey

A survey [PDF] conducted by investment bank Piper Sandler in Fall 2021 shows the popularity of the iPhone. 10,000 teens were surveyed in 44 states with an average household income of US$67,755 (via Axios).

iPhone Teen Popularity

Here are some of the highlights of the report. It was a generalized survey and not focused on the iPhone. Quote about the Apple section:

Both the 87% iPhone ownership and 88% intention to purchase an iPhone metrics are near record highs for our survey. We view the elevated penetration and intention are important for a maturing premium smartphone market. In addition, these trends are encouraging as the company continues to introduce new 5G iPhones, which could provide a significant product cycle refresh. We think these positive trends can also be a catalyst for further services growth as well, as the install base for Apple hardware continues to grow.

  • Regional responses were 47% in the South (vs. 48% Spring); NE at 10% (same as Spring)
  • 38% of teens hold a part-time job – up from 33% in both Spring 2021 and Fall 2020
  • 87% of teens own an iPhone and 88% expect an iPhone to be their next phone; Apple is No. 1 watch brand for first time
  • Teens spend 32% of their daily video consumption on Netflix followed by YouTube (30%); Hulu & Other streaming gain
  • Snapchat is the favorite social media platform (35% share) followed by TikTok (30%) & Instagram (22%, -300 bps Y/Y)

Young people care about sustainability and racial equality. Their number one e-commerce website is Amazon, and Nike is the number one apparel brand. However, brand such as Crocs, PacSun, Hey Dude, Zara, SHEIN, GymShark are gaining momentum.

Overall, the results may inform how companies react towards the new generation.

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