AAPL Worth More Than Entire South Korean Stock Market

aapl stock

Apple is worth more than than the market capitalization of every firm on south South Korea’s stock exchange. Along with AAPL stock, Microsoft and Amazon also surpassed the firms’ combined value (via Bloomberg News).

aapl stock

AAPL Ahead of Korean Firms For Most of 2020

On Friday, all the firms on the South Korean index were worth around $1.4 trillion. AAPL stock had a total value of $1.7 trillion. Meanwhile, Microsoft and Amazon both came in at a valuation of around $1.5 trillion. In fact, the data shows that Apple was first worth more than Korea Inc on January 29, 2020. Microsoft hit that level a week later. Amazon went up and down a bit but has been worth more than Korea’s firms since June 30. South Korea’s largest firm is Samsung, which had a market capitalization of $269 billion heading into the weekend.

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