Adobe Creative Cloud Express Adds PDF Quick Actions

Adobe Acrobat is adding PDF quick actions powered by Creative Cloud Express PDF. The new PDF will keep the format and design of your original document including tables, bullet points, and more.

Adobe PDF Quick Actions

The Creative Cloud Express launch included two PDF quick actions: the ability to convert documents to and from PDFs. Today, we are adding more PDF quick actions. You can now combine files into one PDF and organize pages. This will make it easier to update or repurpose files without ever leaving the app.

Here are some of the new PDF quick actions available:

Edit text & images

This feature is for when you have PDFs that need small but crucial updates. For example, are the prices on your sales sheets no longer right or do you need to change the date on an event flyer? Edit your existing PDF files by adding or changing text and rotating or resizing images in Creative Cloud Express.

Combine files into one PDF

Create a single PDF by bringing together files that are in various formats or started out in different programs. You might have a proposal that includes a PNG photo, an Excel spreadsheet table, and a few Word documents. Upload these diverse files using the new quick action that combines them into one PDF document. You’ll never have to worry about converting individual files and then stitching them together after the fact. Do it using a quick action from your Creative Cloud Express home tab.

Organize pages

Upload one or more files, rearrange the pages by dragging and dropping page thumbnails into the order you need, and download the document as a single PDF. Say you’ve received a bunch of files from a vendor that’re all in different formats. Use the organize pages quick action to upload the various documents, reorder the pages into a new, specific order, and save them all together as one PDF. You can also delete, insert, and rotate pages. If you just need a selection and not all the pages, select and extract specific pages to create a brand-new PDF.

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