AliExpress Now Offers Dummy iPhone 14 Models


With the iPhone 14 seeing a likely release in the fall, those that don’t want to wait can now purchase dummy units through AliExpress. The listing was found on Twitter.

AliExpress Offers Dummy iPhone 14 Models

As shared by Twitter user ShrimpApplePro, a listing on AliExpress offers iPhone 14 dummy units. According to the listing, 98,955 pieces are available. The listing states clearly that the devices are inoperable, though are allegedly 1:1 reproductions of the upcoming iPhone 14 models. The listing offers dummy iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Max, and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Featuring no internal or operating parts, the dummy-devices are being sold between $6-$37.66. The units are available through Nanron Factory Store, who have a 93.4% positive feedback rating.

The images only show a rear view of the devices. However, there are some telling signs that these may be iPhone 14 models, such as the iPhone 14 Max that may likely replace the mini. The controversial large camera bumps are also prevalent.

So, why purchase these models? The listing itself suggests offering them to a kid so that they don’t use your real phone. They also suggest using them as a retail display.

Something else to consider is that these types of dummy phones can also be great for helping case manufacturers correct phone sizes. However, these fake iPhone 14s may not be all that helpful. The listing states that they cannot confirm 100% accuracy with these models.

How to Use a Dummy Phone

Content creators could also use these for a variety of reasons. Perhaps as a means of generating clout, or simply as a comical video prop. Naturally, this may also be a ripe opportunity for scammers. While the AliExpress listing admits that they are inoperable, other listings may not be so kind.

Until an official release, it is likely anyone selling a “working” iPhone 14 is also selling ocean-front property in Oklahoma. That, or or they’re on the run from Apple.

For those not interested in an inoperable iPhone 14, there’s always seeing if Chris Evans will depart with his old iPhone 6. For something a bit more tangible, the iPhone 14 will most likely release in the fall.

In terms of iPhone 14 news, reports suggest that the iPhone 14 lineup is likely to start with 6GB of RAM, an increase from the iPhone 13. It is also possible that the iPhone 14 Pro will feature an always-on display.

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