iMazing Update Supports iOS 15, Podcasts, and Continues Spyware Detection

imazing iOS 15 support

iMazing has been updated to 2.14.3, which adds support for iOS 15, macOS Monterey, and adds a new feature.

iMazing 2.14.3

This update now lets you transfer your podcasts between your iDevices. You can back up your entire library or drag-and-drop individual podcasts. The company has a guide that provides detailed instructions.

This update furthers the detection of NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware. Its goal is to provide a simple and free way for potentially targeted individuals to check their iPhone for known signs of infection. The tool is based on Amnesty International’s open-source Mobile Verification Toolkit, and is licensed under the same MVT license.

iMazing has also expanded is capabilities for professionals:

  • iMazing CLI is now publicly available. Script iMazing to suit your custom workflows! Available on both macOS and Windows.
  • iMazing Profile Editor has grown in popularity. Jamf and Addigy recommend it. Parallels bundles it with Parallels Device Management 9.
  • iMazing Configurator is being successfully deployed to automate configuration and provisioning tasks, migrate MDM or refurbish devices.

Additional tweaks and improvements:

  • Completely reworked music export window
  • Resizable thumbnails carousel at the bottom of the Photos view
  • Export Attachments action added to the Notes view
  • Support for contacts featuring any type of custom label
  • Support for restoring the T2 chip’s bridgeOS
  • New Presentation Mode preference which hides Apple ID and phone number from the device details view – convenient for screencasts

Update from within iMazing, or download and install from the website. The latest version is 2.14.3. As always, it’s a free upgrade for all iMazing 2 license holders.

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