PSA: Amazon Prime Monthly Fee Just Went Up $2 to $12.99

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If you’re paying for Amazon Prime month-to-month the cost just went up US$2. Paying per-month used to set you back $10.99, but that’s been increased to $12.99. The $99 annual fee, however, isn’t going up.

The best deal for an Amazon Prime membership is still paying for a whole year up front. That’ll cost you $99, which breaks down to $8.25 a month. For people who couldn’t afford dropping the $99 all at once, or know they need Prime for just a month or two, Amazon offered its month-to-month pricing.

An Amazon Prime subscription gets you free shipping on most of what the site sells. It also includes other perks, like streaming TV shows and movies, original shows and movies, and streaming music.

Bumping up the monthly rate from $10.99 to $12.99 makes the annual subscription more enticing, which is exactly what Amazon is going for. It’s easier to keep customers on Prime if they’re paying annually, and the company just made that more enticing with a $2 increase to the monthly rate.

One thought on “PSA: Amazon Prime Monthly Fee Just Went Up $2 to $12.99

  • It seems after you get the $99 price, the deal renews at the higher monthly price. Very bait and switch like. How/where do we find and get the $99 price and have it renew at that price?

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