Amazon Prime Video Finally Headed to Apple TV

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Amazon seems to warming up to the idea of bringing Prime Video to the Apple TV, and it could come as early as this summer. Insider sources say Amazon and Apple have finally come to terms, which should make many Apple TV owners very happy.

With Netflix and Hulu available on Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video stands out as a glaring omission. Currently, streaming video from Amazon requires an iOS device sharing to Apple TV via AirPlay. Alternately, viewers can cut Apple TV out of the mix and watch via Amazon’s own Fire TV devices, but that typically means more remotes and switching TV inputs.

Sources speaking with Recode say whatever was keeping Amazon off Apple TV has been resolved. Neither company is ready to confirm they’ve struck a deal.

Bringing Prime Video to Apple TV makes sense because it extends Amazon’s reach into our homes, which is exactly what the online retailer wants. Amazon wants to be our first choice for shopping and entertainment, so being everywhere is a key strategy.

Prime Video is also a strong driver for getting and retaining customers. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said, “We’ve been able to monitor the people who use Prime Video…they renew [Prime memberships] at higher rates and they convert from free trial at higher rates.”

For Apple, Prime Video makes Apple TV a much more viable all-in-one entertainment appliance. Instead of needing multiple devices to watch our favorite shows and videos, we can watch everything through Apple TV, regardless of where it streams from.

This may also finally end Amazon’s ban on Apple TV sales. The online retailer blocked Apple TV and Google Chromecast sales in 2015 because neither offered Amazon Prime Video support. Ironically, that support needed to come from Amazon.

With Prime Video coming to Apple TV, online shoppers may soon be able to buy the device from Amazon again. They’ll also be able to watch Prime Video natively on their Apple TV instead of using AirPlay or a Fire Stick, like an animal.

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