Get Ready for Apple’s $1,000 10th Anniversary iPhone

10th anniversary iPhone 8 to cost over ,000

In a world where people are still having a hard time accepting that smartphones cost money, Apple is prepping a special 10th anniversary iPhone model, and it’s going to cost more than US$1,000. The special model will reportedly be called the iPhone 8, and despite the hefty price tag people will likely buy it.

10th anniversary iPhone 8 to cost over ,000
Apple’s special 10th anniversary iPhone could cost over $1,000

Topping $1,000 for an iPhone sounds pretty steep, but it’s totally plausible. The 256 GB iPhone 7 Plus costs $969, so moving to a slightly larger display with OLED technology and extra RAM could easily push the cost of the anniversary iPhone above $1,000.

According to Fast Company’s sources, Apple is buying up the available OLED display market leaving other phone makers without the parts they need. The iPhone 8 will sport a 5.8-inch OLED display, they say, higher storage capacity, and dual camera lenses. Instead of an aluminum frame, Apple is going with stainless steel, and the back will be glass instead of metal.

Apple isn’t, however, going with OLED across the board. The company is reportedly going to release a 4.7-inch iPhone 7s and 5.5-inch iPhone 7s Plus along side the 5.8-inch iPhone 8. The 7s models will stick with the LCD-based displays Apple currently uses.

Insider sources say Apple is working on removing all of the physical buttons from the new iPhone. The Home button will become a touch surface embedded in the display, and the buttons on the sides of the phone will change to touch-sensitive areas, too.

They also say Apple is sticking with its fall release schedule, so we won’t see the 7s, 7s Plus, or 8 models before September.

It sounds like much of Fast Company’s information is coming from supply chain sources, which makes it interesteding but not necessarily complete. Parts suppliers have limited knowledge of Apple’s plans, and in many cases the information gleaned from their reports is akin to weaving an entire tapestry from a single thread.

Apple isn’t talking about its next iPhone refresh yet, which fits with its modus operandi. Still, we are late enough into Apple’s design schedule for planned product details to leak so we’re likely getting a glimpse of at least some of what’s coming this fall.

One thought on “Get Ready for Apple’s $1,000 10th Anniversary iPhone

  • I will get one 🙂

    It will replace my SE, since with my Apple Watch S2 always with me,
    I will no longer need to wear the iPhone in my shirt pocket,
    it will be safely encased

    Of course, I’m never in a hurry, will probably get it after a few months

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