Apple Has a 15.5-Inch MacBook Air In Store for 2023

15.5-inch MacBook Air 2023

Over the past few months, rumors circulated of a new 15-inch MacBook Air coming soon. This larger, but still lightweight, Apple laptop is speculated to add to the lineup, not replace the current 13-inch MacBook Air. Display supply chain analyst Ross Young now says the 15.5-inch MacBook Air could launch as soon as spring 2023.

Adding a 15.5-Inch MacBook Air to the Product Lineup

Young, chief analyst at DSCC, has pointed to this new model in the past. Leakers have also reported on it to Bloomberg, as we’ve reported on in the past. Most indications were pointing to the new laptop launching in spring 2023, a speculation that seems to have further backing now.

According to Young’s survey of the display supply chain, the new panels are slated to begin production in early 2023 (via 9to5Mac). This should allow the new computer to launch in the spring of 2023, as the rumors indicate.

Adding to the details, Young revealed the new MacBook Air will feature a 15.5-inch display. Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time Apple offered two different sizes of the MacBook Air. For several years, Apple produced both an 11-inch and 13-inch model of the lightweight laptop.

Seeking More Details on the Rumored Laptop

If this speculation proves true, Apple will once again offer two different screen sizes for its MacBook Air. The current model, with its 13.6-inch display, only recently started shipping. Adding a 15.5-inch variant will make quite a bit of sense, appealing to consumers who want the larger screen but don’t need a Pro model.

Likewise, it doesn’t make sense for Apple to revert to a smaller screen size for its laptops. That particular need is filled by the iPad Air and iPad Pro models, even if those tablets can’t fully replace a laptop Mac.

There are also rumors of a forthcoming 12-inch MacBook, at the entry level. However, most don’t foresee that model launching until the end of 2023, if not early 2024.

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