Apple 5G Engineer Rubén Caballero Leaves Company

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Rubén Caballero, one of Apple’s 5G lead engineers, has left the company. Is this related to Apple’s settlement with Qualcomm? (via The Information).

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Rubén Caballero, lead 5G Apple engineer, has left the company. Mr. Caballero was in charge of a key wireless component inside Apple devices. He worked with suppliers to integrate iPhone modems and was responsible for for “leading Apple’s charge into 5G,” said a person familiar with his work.“

Without further evidence I’m hesitant to correlate Mr. Cabaterro’s leaving with the Apple-Qualcomm settlement and Intel’s retreat out of that market. As The Information reports:

It couldn’t be learned why Mr. Caballero left the company, but his responsibilities at Apple appeared to be in flux. In February, Reuters reported that Apple moved the modem efforts he oversaw to another team under Johny Srouji, the Apple executive in charge of custom chip projects (Mr. Caballero reported to another Apple executive, Dan Riccio). The date of Mr. Caballero’s departure also couldn’t be learned. But he was still employed at the company as recently as February, according to a person with knowledge of the matter.

Chance Miller from 9to5Mac says that an employee named Johny Srouji led Apple’s modem efforts as of February 2019. Mr. Caballero oversaw those efforts and reported to Dan Riccio.

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