Apple Adds Mid 2012 MacBook Pro to Obsolete List

Mid 2012 MacBook Pro

The first-ever MacBook Pro with a Retina Display has now officially become obsolete (via Cult of Mac). It joins the list of products for which Apple offers no hardware service.

Mid 2012 MacBook Pro

First MacBook Pro With Retina Display Obsolete

The first MacBook Pro with Retina Display was released in June 2012. It is on the obsolete list as sales were discontinued over seven years ago. It was actually discontinued in February 2013. Apple lists all obsolete products. Vintage products, meanwhile, are those that Apple has not sold for over five years but have been discontinued less than seven years. Unlike products on the obsolete list, vintage product owners can still get hardware services from Apple and Apple service providers subject to inventory being available and dependent on legal requirements.

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