Private Social Network ‘MeWe’ Takes on Snapchat Stories

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A private social network I’ve reviewed before is MeWe, and it just announced a featured called Journals [PDF].

MeWe Journals

“Stories” is a popular feature that started with Snapchat, and other services like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have copied it into their own products. Now MeWe is the latest to offer a similar service, called Journals.

MeWe is a bit different than other social networks. There are no ads and it’s dedicated to user privacy with its Privacy Bill of Rights. This makes statements like, “You control who can access your content”, and “We do not manipulate, filter, or change the order of your newsfeeds. Only you can do that.”

The idea for Journals was born in the ascent of Stories. In recent years, Stories have become social media’s favored 24-hour lifecycle medium for creating and sharing brief videos of special moments and daily life events. With MeWe Journals, members can save, sort, and organize their favorite Stories beyond the moment – for a lifetime of memories and sharing.

MeWe Journals offer members a bunch of features:

  • Organize and aggregate member Stories into Journals on your profile
  • Sort Stories by friend or family member, topic, timeline, or anyway you like
  • Choose to make each Journal visible to only yourself; your contacts; Close Friends; or open to anyone on MeWe
  • Create up to 500 Journals, and each Journal can contain up to 1,000 Stories

These journals can be created on the company’s mobile apps and they can be viewed on the desktop as well. It’s part of the premium plan which costs US$4.99/month, but it can be purchased a-la-carte for US$1.99/month.

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