Apple Alerts iPhone Users in 92 Countries About Spyware Attacks, Yet to Name the Countries

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Apple has issued threat notifications to iPhone users in 92 countries. The alerts warn users that they may be targeted by a complex spyware attack known as “mercenary spyware.”

These attacks are said to be different from common malware, which are designed to specifically attack on individual devices and often target journalists, politicians, or even activists. Apple has yet to disclose the identities of the attackers or the specific countries where users received the notifications.

The notification message informs users that their iPhone may be at risk and urges them to take the warning seriously. Apple highlights the targeted nature of these attacks, suggesting they are most likely linked to the user’s profession or identity, which is said to be, as mentioned earlier, journalists, politicians, and activists.

Apple refrained from commenting on the timing of the latest notifications, but our readers should know that many countries, including the US, India, and Indonesia, are currently preparing for local elections. Several tech companies have recently expressed concerns about potential efforts to influence these elections through cyberattacks.

Apple is maintaining secrecy regarding the methods used to detect such attacks. They explain that revealing this information could help attackers develop methods to evade detection in the future. The company says that it relies on its internal investigations and threat intelligence to identify these threats.

Overall, Apple’s notifications serve as a reminder of the evolving cybersecurity scenarios. While the exact number of targeted users remains unknown, including the names of the countries, these alerts highlight the potential dangers faced by individuals who may be considered high-value targets, especially when there are elections this year.

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