Apple and Google Discussing Gemini Integration for iPhone, says Report


As the iOS 18 debut nears, Apple’s getting serious about adding generative AI features to the iPhone. When CEO Tim Cook hinted at this, he said it would “break new ground.” And Apple has been making ends meet lately. Now, word’s out that iPhone maker might be looking for other players to team up such as Google’s Gemini. It seems Cupertino major is leaving no stone unturned to fulfill the AI dream.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who has a track record for getting these scoops, Apple might’ve held talks with Google to incorporate Gemini — its artificial intelligence engine, formerly known as Bard — into the iPhone.

Should negotiations between Apple and Google materialize, Apple could leverage Google’s proprietary AI system. This could mean upcoming iPhones and iOS 18 may incorporate and support Gemini. Gurman says that Apple also held talks with ChatGPT-parent OpenAI, citing people in the know.

These discussions follow recent reports of Apple’s acquisition of DarwinAI. This Canadian startup excels in visual inspection systems and has a track record of collaboration with tech giants like Intel and Lockheed Martin. Notably, Apple shifted resources from Project Titan aka Apple Car to focus on generative AI.

The anticipation is that Apple could try competing with Google, not handshaking at the last moment. Amid these developments, the possibility of Apple collaborating with Google raises questions. Could Google power Apple’s generative AI systems, or will Apple rely on its in-house AI efforts, potentially involving OpenAI? We might not know for sure until WWDC 2024 in June.

Notably, Apple has been cautious with its technology because arriving late to the party might have its own perks, and now it is aware of the hurdles have faced. Subsequently, it held talks with major publishers to train its model, which suggests that it understands the challenges others like OpenAI have encountered and wants to avoid an approach that might invite lawsuits later on.


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