Apple Announces the Oceanic+ Detailed-Diving App Now Available for Apple Watch Ultra Users


Today, Apple has announced the new Oceanic+ app available for Apple Watch Ultra users.

Originally seeing announcement alongside the Apple Watch Ultra back in September during the Far Out event, the new app provides detailed dive data to Apple Watch Ultra users.

Divers Can Now Access the Oceanic+ App for Apple Watch Ultra

Today, Apple has officially announced the release of the Oceanic+ app for the Apple Watch Ultra. Now, users can use their Apple Watch Ultra to transform their device into a “fully capable, easy-to-use dive computer”. The new app goes beyond the Depth App already included with the device.

In thanks to a collaboration between Apple and Huish Outdoors, Apple Watch Ultra users are able to take their devices to depths up to 130 feet, in thanks to the water temperature sensors and depth gauge found within the Apple Watch Ultra.

The new Oceanic+ app can provide divers with safety warnings, such as their no-decompression limit and ascent rates. (Photo Credit: Apple.)

Now, the new Oceanic+ app offers Apple Watch Ultra wearers a diving companion that features robust dive planning, an advanced dive computer and a “comprehensive post-dive experience”.

According to a press release from Apple,

“At Huish Outdoors, our purpose is fueling the human spirit for adventure,” says Mike Huish, the company’s CEO. “Oceanic+ on Apple Watch Ultra is one of the biggest innovations to hit the dive industry in a long time. We’re creating an accessible, shareable, better diving experience for everybody.”

Divers can now receive timely and clear information about their dives through the Oceanic+ app. In thanks to the dive planner, users are able to set their depth, gas and surface time, and Oceanic+ will calculate the user’s No Deco (no-decompression) time. This allows divers to know the time limit they have at certain depths.

Additionally, the dive planner also takes into account dive conditions. This includes tides, water temperatures and even updates from the community concerning visibility and currents.

Diving into Features

After their dive, Oceanic+ allows users to see relevant diving data pop-up on their Apple Watch Ultra automatically. In addition to a dive profile, the app will also inform users of their GPS entry and exit locations. Users will also get information regarding depth, temperature ascent rate, and their no-decompression limit.

Users will also have access to important information, including no-fly time, surface time, dive planner quick access and more. Additionally, users will also be able to share their experiences with others directly from the app.

It is also worth noting that while the basic plan for Oceanic+ is free, access to “tissue loading”, location planner, decompression tracking and “unlimited logbook capacity” will cost users $9.99 per month, or $79.99 per year. Oceanic+ is available on the family plan for sharing with up to five people for $129.

Oceanic+ requires an Apple Watch Ultra running watchOS 9.1, and needs to be paired with an iPhone 8 or later or an iPhone SE (2nd generation) or later running iOS 16.1.

The Oceanic+ app for Apple Watch Ultra users is available here.

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