Apple Building New Team in Irvine, California, to Build Wireless Chips

Apple is hiring engineers to work in a new office in Irvine, California, Bloomberg News reported. The employees will develop wireless chips.

New Team in Irvine, California Will Build Apple Wireless Chips

Apple is placing growing importance on developing its own components, and those built at the new Irvine site could replace chips currently supplied by Broadcom and Skyworks Solutions. There are job adverts for this role, one of which says “Apple’s growing wireless silicon development team is developing the next generation of wireless silicon!”

Apple had not publicly commented at the time of this writing. It is understood that this expansion, near to the University of California at Irvine and its well-regarded engineering programs, is still in its early stages. However, it is part of a wider decentralization away from Cupertino. Apple this week paused its enforced return to the office indefinitely.

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