Apple Declines to Sign up in French Big Tech Initiative… For Now

Apple in France

Apple has, for the moment, not signed up to a French initiative trying to united Big Tech behind a set of principles. Amazon has, likewise, declined to sign up at this time, Reuters reported. According to the French government, 75 tech executives have though have put their names to the principles. These include Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai and Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg.

Apple And Amazon Not Amongst Signatories to French Big Tech Initiative

There had been no public comment from Apple at the time of this writing. However,  French officials said that talks were ongoing and the company could still take part in the non-legally binding initiative. Called Tech for Good Call, it is set to be officially launched on Tuesday. Issues taken up by the initiative include, of course, tax. “The goal is also to… observe objectively those who decide to play ball and align their interest with individuals and societies and those who stay out of this joint movement,” said French presidential adviser.

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